Who We Are

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Safe, Efficient, Economical Structures, Inc.

SEES is leading the worldwide movement for building Green Structures with Steel, Structural, Insulated Panel (SSIP) systems.  Our mission is to facilitate the construction of a plant that will manufacture safe, affordable, energy efficient and sustainable structures for the people of the Caribbean area.  The plant will be owned and operated by individuals from Hispaniola.   SSIPs are the basic component to create sustainable, self-contained shelters, homes and buildings.  Core elements of the SSIP building system are the key ingredients to reduce building costs, while also maximizing long-term sustainability and energy efficiency of the built environment.

SEES includes engineers and contractors who have been involved with design and construction of SSIP structures for years.  The following are the officers and consultants for the company:

Bruce Goddard, P.E., President:  Bruce has more than 45 years of design and construction experience and is a registered professional engineer in four states.  He has been working in Haiti and the Caribbean for more than 20 years and has completed four projects with Engineers Without Borders in Haiti.  Bruce is also President of the 501(c)(3), Health and Education Relief Organization (HERO).  HERO has built schools, orphanages, medical clinics and water systems with Engineers Without Borders in Haiti since its founding in 2003.  Bruce has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida.

Carl Hebinck, Vice President:  Carl has more than 43 years of construction experience and holds US patents on insulated forms for building systems.

Kenley Vincent, Secretary:  Kenley is a Haitian engineer and citizen living in Port au Prince.  He has five years of engineering and construction experience in Haiti and has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech University.

Chris Kavala, Consultant:  Chris is a licensed contractor in Florida and has more than 36 years of construction experience with 11 years building SSIP structures in Florida and the Caribbean.

Our goal is to facilitate the building of a SSIP manufacturing plant in Hispaniola that will make SSIPs for all types of structures throughout the Caribbean.  The SSIP system includes an interior and exterior layer of 26-ga painted galvanized steel sandwiched around 4 to 6 inches of expanded polystyrene (EPS).  This system is light but strong, provides great thermal properties, is insect resistant, less expensive than traditional concrete block construction, and quick and easy to erect.